The systematic status of the Mediterranean Spicara species (Centracanthidae) inferred from mitochondrial 16S rDNA sequence and morphological data

Cemal Turan

Fisheries Genetics Laboratory, Faculty of Fisheries, Mustafa Kemal University, Iskenderun, Hatay, TURKEY


The mitochondrial 16S ribosomal DNA together with morphological data were used to elucidate monophyly of the family Centracanthidae and interrelationships of Spicara and Centracanthus genera, including four species, Spicara maena, Spicara flexuosa, Spicara smaris and Centracanthus cirrus. Examination of the gene revealed a moderate amount of thymine and abundance of adenine. The 16S rDNA dataset contained 92 variable and 69 parsimony informative sites with a mean nucleotide diversity of 0.099. Haplotype diversity was found to be 0.71. No genetic differences were observed between S. maena and S. smaris, and the genetic divergence between S. flexuosa and both S. maena and S. smaris was found to be 0.005. The intergeneric divergence was found to be very high (0.237) between S. alta and C. cirrus. For the other Spicara species, intergeneric divergence ranged from 0.170 between C. cirrus and both S. maena and S. smaris to 0.176 between C. cirrus and S. flexuosa. Minumum evolution, neighbor joining and parsimony trees revealed same tree topologies, and the monophyly of the genus Spicara was not supported. S. maena and S. smaris clustered together and showed close relationship and S. flexuosa was nodded with this group. Therefore S. maena was found to be more closely related to S. smaris rather than S. flexuosa. On the other hand, S. alta highly divergently clustered outside of this group and branched with C. cirrus. Multivariate analysis of morphological data was congruent with the genetic data and revealed similar pattern of relationship among Centracanthidae species.

Keywords: Centracanthidae, Spicara, Centracanthus, Systematics, mtDNA, Sequence, Morphology


A collection of recent ctenophore sightings from the Maltese Islands

Alan Deidun

Physical Oceanography Unit, University of Malta, Msida, MSD 2080 MALTA


The only ctenophore reports from Maltese coastal waters ever published date back to over 40 years ago, with only two comb jelly species being previously recorded from such waters. A collection of recent ctenophore sightings from Maltese coastal waters, all substantiated through underwater photography or video footage and pertaining to Leucothea multicornis, Beroe cucumis and Beroe forskalii, is hereby reported. These sightings were submitted by members of the public as part of the citizen science initiative known as “Spot the Jellyfish”.

Keywords: Ctenophore, Maltese Islands, Leucothea multicornis, Beroe cucumis, Beroe forskalii, citizen science

Vol.17 – 2011 – No.3

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A new alien jellyfish species in the Mediterranean Sea – Aequorea globosa Eschscholtz, 1829 (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa)
Cemal Turan, Mevlut Gürlek, Deniz Yağlıoğlu, Dilruba Seyhan

Vol.17 – 2011 – No.2

Recent data on the effects of sewage pollution on the assemblage of decapod crustaceans in the Dardanelles (the Turkish Straits System)
A. Suat Ateş, Tuncer Katağan, Murat Sezgin, Selçuk Berber, H. Göksel Özdilek, Seçil Kolsal

Relationship between fish length and otolith length and width in the lutjanid fish, Lutjanus bengalensis (Lutjanidae) collected from Muscat City coast on the Sea of Oman
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Cemal Turan, Deniz Yağlıoğlu, Mevlüt Gürlek, Deniz Ergüden

Vol.17 – 2011 – No.1

A collection of recent ctenophore sightings from the Maltese Islands
Alan Deidun

The systematic status of the Mediterranean Spicara species (Centracanthidae) inferred from mitochondrial 16S rDNA sequence and morphological data
Cemal Turan

Impact of wind on the dispersion of contaminants in the Lebanese northern marine area
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Otolith mass asymmetry in Rhynchorhamphus georgi (Valenciennes, 1846)( Family: Hemiramphidae) collected from the Sea of Oman
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The levels of indicator bacteria transported to the Black Sea by the Sakarya River (Karasu Region)
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The Occurrence of Atyaephyra desmarestii (Millet, 1831) (Decapoda: Atyidae ) in the Seyhan Reservoir (Seyhan River Basin)
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