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Vol. 13, Number 3, 2007

Oil pollution in surface water of the Turkish side of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Seas

Bayram Öztürk, Gülşen Altuğ, Mine Çardak and Pelin S. Çiftçi
I.U Faculty of Fisheries, Department of Marine Biology


Oil pollution of the South part of the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea was investigated at 48 stations from the Bozburun Peninsula to İskenderun buy, during 17-28 August 2006.
The highly carbon concentration of the samples was determined by UVF by using Iraq crude oil and also chrysene as references materials. The oil pollution in examined sea water was 4.16 µg/L in Antalya Bay and 100.33 µg/L in Iskenderun through Iraq crude oil equivalent. The highest polluted areas are Iskenderun, Bozburun and Kalkan

Key words: Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, oil pollution, surface water


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