Instructions to the Authors

Instructions to the Authors

Journal of the Black Sea/Mediterranean Environment (J. Black Sea/Medit. Environ. is published trimesterly. The journal publishes original researches, review papers and short communications on marine environment, rivers and atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on pollution, marine biology, physical and chemical oceanography, marine geology and geophysics, maritime policy, biological conservation, coastal zone management and engineering. The papers submitted for publication must be unpublished and should contain data that have not previously been published elsewhere as a whole or in part. Review papers must provide a synthesis and critical evaluation of the state of knowledge of the subject. Manuscripts should be written in clear and concise English and conform to general style of the journal. Manuscript may be accepted for publication after the advice of two referees.

Manuscript should be typed single spaced with the format of journal as:

  • Page limit maximum 15 pages (with some exceptions such as review papers)
  • Page size 23.5×16 cm
  • Margin bottom-top 2.5 cm, left-right 2.3 cm,
  • All text characters should be “Times New Roman”
  • Title (13 pt, Bold) must be as brief and should not to be exceed 10 words.
  • Authors (11 pt, Bold) complete names
  • Institutional address (9 pt, Normal)
  • E mail address of the corresponding author
  • Abstract (9 pt, Normal) briefly describe the results and conclusion, less than 200 words.
  • Keywords (9 pt, Normal) maximum 6 words
  • Introduction, Materials and Methods, Result and Discussion (10 pt, Normal)
  • Acknowledgement (9 pt, Normal)
  • Turkish Summary for Turkish writers only (9 pt, Normal)
  • Tables and Figures in Arabic numerals must be saved within the text.They should be adjusted to fit the printed page size.
  • Tables should be sent as a word document (not tiff or jpeg).
  • Figures should be 300 dpi resolution as tiff or jpeg format.
  • References in text should be cited as …. (Polikarpov 2007 or Polikarpov and Zaitsev 2000 or Polikarpov et al. 2007). (10pt, Normal)

The title of the references should be in English but original language to be indicated.For example: Öztürk, B. (2006) Climate change – an ecological approach for Turkish Seas. Science and Utopia 139: 28-32 (in Turkish).

References to a journal publication

Author(s) name, year (in parenthesis), title of paper, journal name (italic), volume number, first and last page number of the paper.
Ehrhardt, G.M., Burns, K.A. (1992) Hydrocarbons and related photo-oxidation products in Saudi Arabian Gulf coastal waters and hydrocarbons in underlying sediments and bioindicator bivalves. Mar Poll Bull 27: 187-197.

References to a book

Names and initial of all authors, year, title of the book, publisher, location of publisher, number of page.
Golani, D., Öztürk, B., Başusta, N. (2006) The Fishes of the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkish Marine Research Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey, 259 pp.

References to a chapter in book

Names and initial of all authors, year, title of paper, title of the book (name of editor(s) in parenthesis), publisher, location of publisher, number of page.
Galil, B.S. (2006) The Marine Caravan – The Suez Canal and the Erythrean Invasion. In: Bridging Divides Maritime Canals as Invasion Corridors, (eds., Gollasch, S., Galil, B.S., Cohen, A.N.), Springer, Netherlands, pp. 207-300.

References to a website

Names and initial of all authors, year, title of website, URL, the date when the author accessed for his/her publication.
FAO. (2011) FAO fishery and aquaculture country profiles: Turkey. Available at (accessed 10 Oct. 2011).

All rights reserved: Articles published in this Journal are under copyright protection. Such rights as arise from it are reserved, in particular those of translation, reprinting, public lecture, reproduction of illustrations and tables, radio and television transmission, microfilming or other methods of reproduction, including extract form. Duplicating, reproduction or distribution for commercial purpose of this journal or parts thereof is not permitted. The copying of individual articles or parts thereof is permitted only under the provisions of the Turkish Copyright Law.

Disclaimer: The Publisher and Editors cannot be held responsible for errors or any consequences arising from the use of information contained in this journal; the views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Publisher and Editors.