Oil contamination of Mytilus galloprovincialis after the Nassia accident

Oil contamination of Mytillus galloprovincialis after the Nassia Accident

Kasım Cemal Güven, Selma Ünlü, Erdoğan Okuş, Ertuğrul Doğan

Institute of Marine Sciences and Management, University of Istanbul, 34470 Vefa, Istanbul, TURKEY


Oil accumulation in mussels was investigated after the Nassia oil tanker accident on the Istanbul Strait by applying UVF and GC/MS analysis methods. Pristane and phytane ratio was used to distinguish the sources of pollution. Amounts of oil varied from 5 to 250 µg/g in three surveys. The analysis results revealed that contamination originated from the oil spilts from the tanker involved in the accident.

Keywords : Oil pollution, Nassia accident, mussel, UVF, GC/MS analysis

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