Preliminary observations on the Samsun Bay splash zone biodiversity

Yuvenaly Zaitsev, Nadezhda Kopytina, Olga Garkusha, Irina Serbinova

Odessa Branch, Institute of Biology of Southern Seas, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. 37, Pushkinska Street, 65125 Odessa, UKRAINE


Taking into consideration the unique indicatory significance of the marine splash zone where the inhabitants of the neustal, water column and bottom are present, and continuing the investigations of the phenomenon of littoral concentration of life, samples of sand, mollusk shells and pieces of drifting wood and reed were selected. Parallel samples in the geographically opposite Odessa Gulf area were taken. During laboratory investigations living unicellular algae and fungi have been detected. There were: in Samsun samples – 21 algal species and in Odessa samples – 5 species, and correspondingly 10 and 8 fungal species. All species of fungi from the Samsun Bay were obligate marine and in the Odessa Gulf 8 species were obligate marine and 4 species – of terrigenous origin. Possible reasons of these differences are discussed. Preliminary conclusion is that the ecological status of the Samsun Bay area in autumn 2009 was more satisfactory than that in the Odessa Gulf area.

Keywords: Samsun Bay, Odessa Gulf, microalgae, fungi

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