A check-list of polychaete species (Annelida: Polychaeta) from the Black Sea

Güley Kurt Şahin, Melih Ertan Çınar

Department of Biology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Sinop University, 57000, Sinop, TURKEY
Department of Hydrobiology, Faculty of Fisheries, Ege University, 35100, Bornova-Izmir, TURKEY


Polychaetes from the Black Sea were reviewed based on the available literature. Lists of the valid species, re-assigned species and dubious species (nomen dubium or indeterminable species) reported from the region are provided. The checklist comprises 238 valid species belonging to 45 families. Twenty three species belonging to 8 families were considered as nomen dubium or indeterminable. Fifty-one species reported from the Black Sea between 1868 and 2011 have been synonymised with other species. Among the Black Sea countries, the coast of Bulgaria is represented by the highest number of polychaete species (192 species), followed by the coasts of Ukrania (161 species) and Romania (115 species). The highest number of species (119 species) were found on sandy substratum, the lowest number of species (7 species) on sponges. Nine alien polychaete species (Hesionides arenaria, Streptosyllis varians, Glycera capitata, Nephtys ciliata, Polydora cornuta, Prionospio pulchra, Streblospio gynobranchiata, Capitellethus dispar and Ficopomatus enigmaticus) were reported from the Black Sea up to now. The most speciose families in the area were Syllidae (32 species), Spionidae (31 species), Phyllodocidae (16 species) and Nereididae (15 species). By presenting a complete overview of the species reported from the area, this work summarises our current knowledge about the diversity of the Black Sea polychaetes and provides a database for future studies.

Keywords: Polychaeta, annelida, check-list, Black Sea