Meiofauna of the periphytal of the Odessa coast, Ukraine

Meiofauna of the periphytal of the Odessa coast, Ukraine

Ludmila Vorobyova, Irina Kulakova, Olena Bondarenko, Valentin Portyanko, Elena Uzun

Institute of Marine Biology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. 37 Pushkinskaya Street, 25175 Odessa, UKRAINE


A large part of the Odessa coastal zone (up to 3 m depth) is occupied with transects and breakwaters, thus the total area of the surface reaching 16 hectares. Heavy fouling is formed causing impacts on the coastal ecosystem. The meiobenthos is made up of permanent and temporary components. The periphyton lacks gastrotrichs, kinorhynchs, foraminiferans and juvenile gastropods. This is the first study in this periphytal area and a list of species was drawn up of eumeiobenthos (Nematoda – 42 species, Harpacticoida – 13 and Polychaeta – 13 species). The vertical distribution of density of communities and biomass is described for each group, as well as for the meiobenthos on the whole. The periphytal of the meiobentic community differed significantly from that in the adjacent waters.

Keywords: Odessa coast, periphytal, meiofauna