New maximum length report of Chelidonichthys lucerna (Linneaus, 1758) in the Black Sea, Turkey

New maximum length report of Chelidonichthys lucerna (Linneaus, 1758) in the Black Sea, Turkey

Atilla Hasimoğlu, Orhan Ak, Nazlı Kasapoğlu, Elvan Atılgan

Central Fisheries Research Institute, Vali Adil Yazar Cad. No: 14 61250 Yomra, Trabzon, TURKEY


This paper reports the maximum length of demersal fish species, One specimen of tub gurnard, Chelidonichthys lucerna (L, 1758), was caught by a purse seine net as bycatch in Arsin-Trabzon, Turkey, on 22 December 2014. Its total length was 828 mm. This is the maximum length record of C. lucerna for the Black Sea as well as in other Turkish waters up to the present.

Keywords: Tub gurnard, Triglidae, total length, purse seine, Arsin-Trabzon