An additional record of Lamna nasus (Bonnaterre, 1788) from Croatia, Adriatic Sea

Ioannis Keramidas, Pero Ugarković, Alessandro De Maddalena, Ioannis Giovos

iSea, Environmental Organisation for the Preservation of the Aquatic Ecosystems, Thessaloniki, GREECE
UPA Rostrum Split, Split, CROATIA
Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Milan, ITALY


The porbeagle (Lamna nasus) is a species of mackerel shark of the Lamnidae family distributed widely in the cold and temperate waters of the North Atlantic, as well as the Mediterranean Sea and the Southern Hemisphere. This species is considered Critically Endangered worldwide and in the Adriatic Sea, the occurrence of this vulnerable species is sporadic. In this work we aim to complement the existing occurrence list of porbeagles in the Adriatic Sea by adding an individual caught near Čiovo Island, the Channel of Split, by a professional fishing vessel.

Keywords: Porbeagle, Croatian coast, Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean Sea

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