First record of four tintinnid species in the Lebanese marine waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea

First record of four tininnid species in the Lebanese marine waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea

Anthony Ouba, Marie Abboud-Abi Saab

National Council for Scientific Research – National Center for Marine Sciences, P.O. Box 534, Batroun, LEBANON

ORCID IDs: A.O. 0000-0001-5734-6094; M.A.A.S. 0000-0002-3503-5866


The present paper reports the first record of four tintinnid species from the Lebanese marine waters, Eastern Mediterranean: Bursaopsis bursa (Cleve 1900) Kofoid and Campbell 1929, Eutintinnus haslae Taniguchi and Hada, 1981, Favella aciculifera Jörgensen, 1924 and Xystonellopsis scyphium Jörgensen, 1924, which contribute to the regional checklist of ciliates species. These species were collected at an offshore station in the depths between 150 and 600 m on October 11, 2018. Considering the studies in different regions, the newly reported species belong to mesopelagic waters, suggesting that the biogeographical distribution of tintinnids is homogenous in deep waters.

Keywords: Eastern Mediterranean, Lebanese marine waters, tintinnids, microzooplankton, Bursaopsis bursa, Eutintinnus haslae, Favellla aciculifera, Xystonellopsis scyphium

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