First record of small scaled terapon, Terapon puta Cuvier, 1829, in Turkey

First record of small scaled terapon, Terapon puta Cuvier, 1829, in Turkey

Meltem Manasırlı, Sinan Mavruk

ORCID IDs: M.M. 0000-0002-0164-6693; S.M. 0000-0003-1958-0634

Fisheries Faculty, Çukurova University, 01330, Balcalı, Adana, TURKEY


The small scaled terapon, Terapon puta Cuvier, 1829, is an amphidromous species native to the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific Ocean, inhabiting marine, brackish and freshwater habitats. It entered to the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal and established populations in the south-eastern and eastern coasts of the Levantine Basin. Here, we report the northernmost occurrence of T. puta from the Turkish coasts of the Mediterranean Sea for the first time. On 2 February 2020, a single specimen of T. puta (8.4 cm total length) was caught by a recreational fisherman at 10 m depth off Yumurtalık coast, İskenderun Bay (36.75° N, 35.73° E).

Keywords: Terapontidae, Lessepsian, Levantine Basin, Iskenderun Bay, range expansion

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