Contribution to the knowledge on the zooplankton fauna of the Finike Seamounts, the eastern Mediterranean Sea

Contribution to the knowledge on the zooplankton fauna of the Finike Seamounts, the eastern Mediterranean Sea

Kerem Bakır, H. Vedat Aker

ORCID IDs: K.B. 0000-0002-3739-8396; H.V.A. 0000-0001-8101-644K

Department of Marine-Inland Waters Sciences and Technology, Fisheries Faculty, Ege University, İzmir, TÜRKİYE


In this study, the zooplankton diversity in the Finike Seamounts, which has been declared as a Special Environmental Protection Area, was investigated. In total, 42 species were identified, of which Pontella atlantica, Euchaeta spinosa, Phronima sedentaria, Oxycephalus piscator, Vibilia propinqua and Streetsia challengeri were new records for the Turkish coast. The numbers of species identified in shallower coastal water was higher than those in the deeper offshore waters.

Keywords: Seamounts, Türkiye, zooplankton, Mediterranean

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