First record of seven tintinnid species from the Lebanese waters

First record of seven tintinnid species from the Lebanese waters

Marie Abboud-Abi Saab, Anthony Ouba, Myriam Lteif, Myriam Ghsoub, Celine Mahfouz, Sharif Jemaa, Abed El Rahman Hassoun, Milad Fakhri

ORCID IDs: M.A.A.S. 0000-0002-3503-5866; A.O. 0000-0001-5734-6094; M.L. 0000-0002-7819-3303; M.G. 0000-0003-3413-0674; C.M. 0000-0001-9247-1050; S.J. 0000-0002-3680-1796, A.E.R.H. 0000-0003-1940-215X; M.F. 0000-0003-4327-2674

National Council for Scientific Research – National Center for Marine Sciences, P.O. Box: 534, Batroun, LEBANON


Seven ciliate tintinnids are reported in this study for the first time in Lebanese marine waters: Leprotintinnus nordqvisti (Brandt 1906) Kofoid and Campbell, 1929, Codonellopsis ostenfeldi Schmidt, 1902, Dictyocysta fundlandica Ehrenberg, 1854, Undellopsis subangulata (Jörgensen) Kofoid and Campbell, 1929, Canthariella pyramidata (Jörgensen 1924) Kofoid and Campbell, 1929, Daturella striata Kofoid and Campbell, 1929 and Amphorides calida (Kofoid and Campbell) Strand, 1926. These species were collected in Lebanon at an offshore station facing Beirut between 0 and 600m depth. Morphological features of the shells (loricae) used to identify each species are described. This work is a contribution to the regional checklist of ciliates.

Keywords: Eastern Mediterranean, Lebanese waters, tintinnids, ciliates, microzooplankton

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