On the long term (1935-1976) fluctations of the low frequency and main tidal constituents and their stability in the gulf of Antalya

On the long term (1935-1976) fluctations of the low frequency and main tidal constituents and their stability in the gulf of Antalya

Bedri Alpar, Ertuğrul Doğan, Hüseyin Yüce

Department of Navigation, Hydrography and Oceanography, 81647  Çubuklu, Beykoz, Istanbul , TURKEY
Istanbul University, Institute of Marine Sciences and Management, 34470 Vefa, Istanbul, TURKEY


Long term and tidal characteristics of water level variations at Antalya (Northern Levantine Sea, Eastern Mediterranean) have been investigated based upon a sequence of hourly water level observations from 1935 to 1976. The seasonal fluctuations of monthly mean sea level show two maxima and two minima; the major minimum occurs in March and a major maximum in August. The range between the extremes is about 17.4 cm. A 3.6 mm per year rise in annual sea level is computed. Tidal oscillations are small in amplitude with a spring range of 21 cm and dominated by semi-diurnal constituents. Tidal constituents were examined for the stability of the harmonic constants. The result of these analyses, with a one-year shift, indicated that diurnal (K1, 01), semi-diurnal (M2, S2, K2, N2) and some long-term (Sa, Ssa) constituents for the period 1935 – 1976 were worthy to take into consideration. Most of the remaining long period constituents were absolutely unstable and completely unreliable.

Keywords: Sea level, tidal constituents, Levantine Sea, Eastern Mediterranean

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