Prostaglandin in algae, investigation on Halopteris filicina (Kütz.) extract

K.C. Güven, Z. Kull, O. Özdemir, G. Kaya, O. N. Ulutin, R. K. Türker

Department of Pharmaceutical Techonology, Department of Pharmnacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Istanbul, Istanbul, TURKEY
Hemostasis and Thrombosis Research Center, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, University of Istanbul, Istanbul, TURKEY
Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ankara, Ankara, TURKEY


In this work the prostaglandin – like activity was investigated in extract of Halopteris fllicina (Kütz.). The methods used for examination of prostaglandin activity of the algal extract were; ADP, adrenaline and collagen induced aggregation in human platelet rich plasma. The results showed that H. filicina extract, depending on this concentration, inhibited the secondary waves of platelet aggregation induced by ADP and adrenaline and also aggregation waves induced by collagen. Thus it was demonstrated that the algal extract inhibited the secretion of the platelets and mild inhibitory effect was seen on the primary waves. These data showed the indication of PGE1– like activity in H. filicina. This paper is the repeated article on the prostaglandin activity of red algae Halopitis fllicina which was the second report in the literature on prostaglandin activity of algae when published in Acta Pharma Turc. (Güven et al., 1984).

KeywordsHalopteris filicina, prostaglandin E1

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