Fatty acid composition of Beroe ovata (Bosc, 1802)

Melek İşinibilir, Serap Sağlık Aslan, Selin Cumalı, Burak Çoban, Kasım Cemal Güven

Istanbul University, Faculty of Fisheries, Department of Marine Biology, Istanbul, TURKEY
Istanbul University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Istanbul, TURKEY
Istanbul University, Institute of Marine Sciences and Management, 34116 Vefa, İstanbul, TURKEY
Zonguldak Karaelmas University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Department, Zonguldak, TURKEY


Beroe ovata was collected from Kumkapı, İstanbul, Sea of Marmara. Fatty acids composition of Beroe ovata were determined using GC/MS. Total lipid amount was found as 0.98±0.05 mg/g (n=6). Total saturated; monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids percentages were 35.78, 14.11 and 37.09, respectively. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA, 20:5n-3) percentage was 9.75 and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA, 22:6n-3) percentage was 23.01. Docosapentaenoic acid was not detected in Beroe ovata. EPA/DHA ratio was found as 0.42. The difference of fatty acids between the Beroe ovata with Beroe cucumis and Beroe forskalii were detection of 21:0 ve 17:1n-7 in only Beroe ovata This paper is the first study on the fatty acid composition of Beroe ovata.

KeywordsBeroe ovata, fatty acid composition, Sea of Marmara

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