Heavy metal levels in sea water and sediments of Zonguldak, Turkey

Burak Coban, Nuray Balkıs, Abdullah Aksu

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Art and Science, Zonguldak Karaelmas University, Zonguldak, TURKEY
Institute of Marine Sciences and Management, Istanbul University, Vefa, Istanbul, TURKEY


Heavy metal levels were measured in seawater and sediment in Zonguldak which is on the Black sea shore of Turkey. The samples were collected near the industrial areas and city beaches. Maximum concentrations of metals dissolved in seawater were found (nM) Cd 15.0±0.98 around Çatalağzı Power Station, Cr 112±8.6 in Alaplı Creek delta, Mn 715±8.3 in Filyos creek delta, Cu 122±1.5, Ni 142±10.6, Pb 39±9.0 and Zn 834±4.1in Zonguldak city beaches. Heavy metal levels in sediment were found as (μg/g) Cd 0.47±0.34, Cr 67.95±27.6, Cu 30.21±9.27, Mn 274.4±74.8, Ni 37.03±13.25, Pb 39.14±11.22, and Zn 84.6±18.5. Heavy metal concentrations were compared with the US EPA limitations and the other localities and seawater found to be highly polluted than the other Black Sea shores and similar to Rize and Hopa waters. According to recommendations of US EPA under the priority toxic pollutants list Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn levels are above the limits in Zonguldak seawater. Metal levels in sediment samples were found as polluted as the estuarine areas of other countries in the region.

Keywords: Heavy metal, sea water, sediment, Black Sea

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