Oil pollution in the Black Sea marine organisms during 2003-2006: mussel, shellfish, and algae

Kasım Cemal Güven, Filiz Nesimigil, Selin Cumalı

Istanbul Aydın University, İnönü Cad., 40, Sefaköy, Istanbul, TURKEY


Oil pollution was investigated in mussel, shellfish and 3 green, 1 brown and 2 red algae collected different part of the Black Sea coast of Turkey. The oil pollution was found in the samples collected from the east part of the Black Sea were found more polluted than west and middle part of the Black Sea coast of Turkey. The maximum oil pollution levels in the mussels samples collected in 2005-2006 are similar as 106.01-107.33 μg/L wet weight. Oil pollution found in mussel, Rapana venosa and algae were found high in east part of the Black Sea coast of the Black Sea. The maximum oil level in R.venosa was found as 15.80 μg/g in Yeşilırmak River mouth. The high pollution of algae samples were found as 141.83 μg/g in Enteromorpha compressa collected from Samsun Harbour. In generally high concentration of oil in the Turkish Black Sea coast have been found in harbour samples. Limited water exchanged in harbour is the main cause of the oil contamination. In generally oil pollution in algae was higher than in mussel and in R. venosa.

Keywords: The Black Sea, oil pollution, mussel, shellfish, algae

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