Clastogenic studies on Tandaha Dam water in Asser

Kamel Ahmad, Jaber Saleh

King Khalid University, Faculty of Science, Dept. of Biology, Abha, zip code 61413 P.O. Box 9004, SAUDI ARABIA


Clastogenic effects of home wastes and agricultural contaminates of Tandaha dam located at Alahad municipality in the southwestern part of Saudi Arabia were investigated in peripheral erythrocytes of Rana ridibunda. Examination of blood smears showed that the formation of micronuclei significantly increased during one year (f=9.89, df=3) with p value < 0.05 and were more abundant compared to the control group. This increase in the formation of micronucleus indicates that agricultural pollution increases the risk of clastogenic effects on peripheral erythrocytes of Rana ridibunda and may has similar effects on the human population located around the dam.

Keywords: Clastogenic effects, Rana ridibunda, environmental genotoxicity, micronucleus test, Tandaha dam, peripheral erythrocytes.

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