A collection of recent ctenophore sightings from the Maltese Islands

Alan Deidun

Physical Oceanography Unit, University of Malta, Msida, MSD 2080 MALTA


The only ctenophore reports from Maltese coastal waters ever published date back to over 40 years ago, with only two comb jelly species being previously recorded from such waters. A collection of recent ctenophore sightings from Maltese coastal waters, all substantiated through underwater photography or video footage and pertaining to Leucothea multicornis, Beroe cucumis and Beroe forskalii, is hereby reported. These sightings were submitted by members of the public as part of the citizen science initiative known as “Spot the Jellyfish”.

Keywords: Ctenophore, Maltese Islands, Leucothea multicornis, Beroe cucumis, Beroe forskalii, citizen science


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