First record of Chrysophaeum taylorii Lewis & Bryan and their benthic mucilaginous aggregates in the Aegean Sea (Eastern Mediterranean)

Yelda Aktan, Bülent Topaloğlu

Istanbul University, Faculty of Fisheries, Ordu Cad., 200, 34470, Laleli, Istanbul, TURKEY


Chrysophaeum taylorii Lewis & Bryan is a marine chrysophytes belonging to Sarcinochrysidales. This species is known as one of the mucilaginous producer species in the benthic areas. They form large colonies that resemble thalli of macroalgae. Geographical distribution of this species and their copious mucilage production in benthic areas were reported in tropical and subtropical Atlantic and Western Pacific coasts. In this study, Chrysophaeum taylorii Lewis & Bryan and their mucilaginous macro aggregates reported for the first time on the benthic substrata in the Aegean Sea, Eastern Mediterranean.

KeywordsChrysophaeum taylorii, benthic mucilage, Bodrum, Aegean Sea, Eastern Mediterranean


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