Review of alien decapods (Crustacea) in the Aegean Sea

Kostas Kapiris, Tuncer Katağan, Suat A. Ateş, Alexis Conides

Institute of Marine Biological Resources , Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, GREECE
Department of Hydrobiology, Faculty of Fisheries, Ege University, 35100, Izmir, TURKEY
Department of Hydrobiology, Faculty of Fisheries, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, 17100, Çanakkale, TURKEY


The whole Aegean Sea hosts 27 alien decapod crustaceans (21 Indo-Pacific, 6 Atlantic species). Ten of these species (3 Dendrobranchyata, 1 Caridea, 6 Brachyura) were only reported along the Greek coasts of the Aegean Sea. Among them, six species were originated from the Indo-Pacific areas and four species from the Atlantic coasts. On the other hand, 6 of the 27 alien decapods were collected only on the Turkish Aegean coasts (5 Indo-Pacific species, 1 Atlantic species). The possible causes for this differentiation could be attributed to several factors.

Keywords: invasive species, decapods, crustaceans, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea


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