On the occurrence of Coralligenous algae in the Johnston Bank (Aegean Sea)

Yelda Aktan

Faculty of Fisheries, Istanbul University, Ordu St. No: 200, 34470 Laleli, Istanbul, TURKEY


Coralligenous formations, referred to as Maërl beds, are important habitats for some fishes, molluscs, crustaceans and act as nursery areas for the juvenile stages of these commercial species, analogous to kelp forests in the oceans and sea grass beds in the coastal Mediterranean waters. Despite their ecologic and economic importance, there is no sufficient data on the distribution of coralligenous substrata in the high sea areas of the Mediterranean Sea. This study provides contribution to presence of Coralline algae which are the major coralligenous builders in the high sea areas in the Aegean Sea.

Keywords: Maërl beds, Coralligenous algae, high sea areas, Johnston Bank, Aegean Sea


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