A preliminary study on demersal fishes in the south-western Black Sea shelf (NW Turkey)

A preliminary study on demersal fishes in the south-western Black Sea shelf (NW Turkey)

Çetin Keskin

Faculty of Fisheries, Istanbul University, Ordu St. No: 200, 34470 Laleli, Istanbul, TURKEY


This preliminary study aimed to contribute to the knowledge on distribution, diversity, abundance and biomass of demersal fishes in the south-western Black Sea shelf. Samples were collected with bottom trawl net in November 2006 and October 2007. A total of eight hauls were conducted by R/V Yunus-S in the south-western Black Sea at the depths of 22 and 73 m. A total of 14,228 individuals (297.2 kg) belonging to 28 species were. Merlangius merlangus and Mullus barbatus were the main species in the whole catch, in terms of abundance and biomass.

Keywords: Demersal fish, diversity, abundance, biomass, south-western Black Sea.


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