The qualitative and quantitative distribution of the zooplankton in the Southeastern Black Sea (Trabzon coast)

Gülnur Penbe Özdemir, Orhan Ak

Central Fisheries Research Institute, Kaşüstü, 61250, Trabzon, TURKEY


In the present study, the qualitative and quantitative changes of zooplankton community were examined on a monthly basis at three stations off the coast of Trabzon, the South- eastern Black Sea from October 2007 to September 2008. A total of 36 samples were collected. The highest value of the abundance of the total zooplankton was recorded in May. Noctiluca scintillans was the most abundant zooplankton with a share of 54% (maximum: 3752,80 ind.m-3 in May). They were followed by Copepoda with 21% (maximum: 551 ind.m-3 in March and Cladocera with 13% (maximum: 680 ind.m-3 in August. Copepoda was present in the sampling throughout the year whereas N. scintillans and Cladocera were dominant for a period of 2-3 months. The annual average abundance of zooplankton was 1116±282 ind.m-3 (55989 ind./m²). In addition temperature as main physical parameter of environment was determined according to the depth.

Keywords: Black Sea, zooplankton abundance, monthly vertical distribution


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