Benthic marine algae in Northern Cyprus (Eastern Mediterranean Sea)

Ergün Taşkın, Mehmet Öztürk, Oğuz Kurt, Sevilay Ulcay

Department of Biology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Celal Bayar University, 45140, Muradiye, Manisa, TURKEY


This paper reports 242 taxa at species and infraspecies level of the benthic marine algae (75 Phaeophyceae, 129 Rhodophyta, and 38 Chlorophyta) from Northern Cyprus. Among them, 107 taxa are recorded for the first time from the coast of Northern Cyprus. Sampling was made at seven different localities (Yeşilırmak, Koruçam, Girne, Dip Karpaz, Kumyalı, Salamis, and Gazi Mağusa) in North Cyprus in 2005˗2008.

Keywords: Algae, Chlorophyta, Cyprus, Phaeophyceae, Rhodophyta

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