Phthalate pollution in fish Sarda sardaEngraulis encrasicolusMullus surmuletusMerlangius merlangusand shrimp Parapenaeus longirostris

Kasım Cemal Güven, Burak Coban

Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV), P. O. Box: 10, Beykoz, Istanbul, TURKEY
Chemistry Department, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Bülent Ecevit University, Zonguldak, TURKEY


Phthalate esters pollution was investigated in fish Sarda sarda, Engraulis encrasicolus, Mullus surmuletus, and Merlangius merlangus from the Black Sea and shrimp Parapenaeus longirostrisfrom the Sea of Marmara. The identified phthalate esters were dioctylphthalate in flesh and dibutylphthalate in digestive tract of E. encrasicolus and isobutylphthalate in digestive tract of S. sarda and M. surmuletus. However, phthalate derivatives were not found in M. merlangus and P. longirostris. This is the first record for phthalates found in fish and shrimp in Turkish coasts.

Keywords: GC/MS, Phthalates, fish

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