Determination of batch fecundity of garfish, Belone belone, in the northern Aegean Sea

Tülin Çoker, Okan Akyol, Gökçen Bilge

Faculty of Fisheries, Muğla University, 48000 Muğla, TURKEY
Faculty of Fisheries, Ege University, 35440 Urla, Izmir, TURKEY


This study reports the batch fecundity (BF) and oocyte diameters of Belone belone from the Aegean Sea (Izmir and Candarli Bays). A total of 51 female specimens of garfish were collected from January to December 2003. Oocyte diameters (n = 12140) of B. belone ranged from 0.063 to 3.5 mm, concentrating between 0.063 and 1.5 mm. The fish weight – BF relationships according to both hydrated oocyte and oocyte size frequency methods were BF = – 0.3794 W + 192.22 (R2 = 0.037) and BF = 5.165 W – 55.21 (R2= 0.218), respectively. Mean oocyte numbers in the ovaries were 4144 ± 604 with varied from 662 to 15962. Maximum BF was 2130 (mean: 670 ± 97) in hydrated oocytes, and 8189 (mean: 1667 ± 559) in large oocytes. There was no linear relationship between BF and fish weight according to determination coefficients.

Keywords: Garfish, Belone belone, oocyte diameter, batch fecundity, Aegean Sea.

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