General Distribution of Pterigocythereis jonesii (Baird, 1850) and Pterigocythereis ceratoptera (Bosquet, 1852) (Ostracoda) in the sea of Marmara

General distribution of Pterigocythereis jonesii (Baird, 1850) and Pterigocythereis ceratoptera (Bosquet, 1852) (Ostracoda) in the sea of Marmara

Cemal Tunoğlu

Hacettepe University, Geological Engineering Departmen,. 06532 Beytepe, Ankara, TURKEY


Genus Pterigocythereis and related species are known all around of the Mediterranean recently. Pterigocythereis jonesii and P. ceratoptera are important species which they observed for the first time with this study in the benthic ostracoda thanatocoenosis and biocoenosis of the Sea of Marmara. These species have been found in all of the locations of shallow water at depths between 20-60 m. and especially in near-shore throughout the Sea of Marmara coasts. Their habitat are exist different types of substrate, but they prefer commonly on sandy mud and silty mud bottom sediments.

Keywords: Ostracoda, Pterigocythereis, Sea of Marmara


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