Oil pollution in Marmara Sea after Nassia tanker accident

E. Okuş, Z. Yazıcı, S. Ünlü, E. Doğan, K.C. Güven

Institute of Marine Scieces and Management , University of lstanbul, 34470 Vefa, Istanbul, TURKEY
Department of Pharmacology. Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine,  University of Istanbul, TURKEY


Oil pollution in Marmara Sea was investigated  following the Nassia  tanker  accident.  The results obtained by UVF and GC analyses were compared with those related to the Istanbul Strait due to the same accident. The pollution was much denser in the elonged but narrow Strait of Istanbul then in Marmara Sea that had a much larger surface area.

Keywords: Nassia tanker accident, oil pollution, Marmara Sea water

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