First occurrence of the hydrozoan Geryonia proboscidalis (Forskål, 1775) in the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey

Deniz Ergüden, Cemal Turan, Cem Çevik, Necdet Uygur

Faculty of Marine Sciences and Technology, Mustafa Kemal University, 31220 Iskenderun, Hatay, TURKEY
Department of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Fisheries, Cukurova University, Adana, TURKEY
Technical School of Princlik, Mustafa Kemal University, Iskenderun, Hatay, TURKEY


Hydrozoan Geryonia proboscidalis (Forskål, 1775) was observed in July 2012 in Iskenderun Bay (Samandag), for the first time in the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The presence of G. proboscidalis in the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey may be due to transportation via ballast waters of ship or water currents.

KeywordsGeryonia proboscidalis, Hydrozoan, Iskenderun Bay, Turkey

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