Age, growth, reproduction and feeding of Mullus barbatus in Saros Bay (North Aegean Sea)

Mukadder Arslan, Ali İşmen

Faculty of Marine Science and Technology, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, 17100, Çanakkale, TURKEY


The age, growth, food and reproduction of Mullus barbatus, caught in Saros Bay (North Aegean Sea) between September 2006 and September 2008, were investigated. The female-male ratio was 1:0.6. The total length (weight) of females ranged from 9.2 cm to 23.6 cm (7.5 g to 177.3 g) and of males from 8.8 cm to 24.1 cm (7.8 g to 119.7 g). The growth parameters were estimated using otolith readings and length frequencies by ELEFAN program separately and growth parameters were calculated as L∞=28.75 cm, K=0.16 year-1, t0=-1.92 year using otoliths and L∞=26.25 cm, K=0.41 year-1, t0=-0.68 year using ELEFAN program. The length at first maturity for females and males was 11.9 cm and 12.1 cm, respectively. Monthly values of the gonadosomatic index indicated that spawning occurred mainly between March and June.

KeywordsMullus barbatus, growth, reproduction, feeding, Saros Bay, North Aegean Sea

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