An investigation on the skate fishing at M’diq and Tangier ports (Northern Morocco)

Mint Khalil Fatimetou, Ajana Rabia, Kide Néné Gallé, Saoud Younes                                                      

Laboratory of Applied Biology and Pathology, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University, el m’hannechech II, Av.Sebta.SN.BP.2121, CP.93002 Tetouan- MOROCCO


This study encompasses skate fishing at M’diq and Tangier ports (Morocco Mediterranean coast). It addresses the exploitation of these Chondrichthyans by analyzing skate landings during 2006-2010. Skates are usually recorded under general taxonomic groups in the Moroccan fishery statistics, being identified only to family (Rajidae) or genus (Raja spp.). This fact makes it difficult to obtain better knowledge of the stock of the species in commercial landings of rays and skates. Results show that skate landings at the M’diq port are greater than those recorded at the Tangier port.

Keywords: Skate, exploitation, Mediterranean, Morocco


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