Biochemical composition of some brown algae from Iskenderun Bay, the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey  

Biochemical composition of some brown algae from Iskenderun Bay, the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey

Senem Ozgun, Funda Turan

Faculty of Marine Science and Technology, Mustafa Kemal University, Iskenderun, Hatay, TURKEY


The present study aimed to determine total protein, total carbohydrate, total phenolic substances and pigment contents of brown algae collected in Iskenderun Bay, the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Totally eight brown algae samples (Cystoseira barbata, Cystoseira corniculata, Cystoseira compressa, Dictyota dichotoma, Padina pavonia, Sargassum vulgare, Stypocaulon scoparium, Stypopodium schimperii) were analyzed. The highest protein content was obtained from S. schimperii (65.19±4.32 mg g-1) whereas the lowest protein content was obtained from C. compressa (28.97±3.73 mg g-1). The carbohydrate yields of macroalgae varied from 12.25±1.60 to 47.92±5.66 mg g-1, the maximum carbohydrate concentration was recorded from D. dichotoma (47.92±5.66 mg g-1) followed by S. schimperii (41.92±2.32 mg g-1). The total phenolic contents of algae varied from 0.364±0.04 to 1.312±0.03 mg g-1 and the maximum phenolic substance content was recorded in S. schimperii(1.312±0.03 mg g-1). S. schimperiishowed the highest Chlorophyll-a and Carotene content (4.09±0.60 and 0.536±0.05 mg g-1, respectively) among the brown algae. According to the results obtained from this study, these macroalgae species, especially S. schimperii, can be regarded as a potential source for food, pharmacology and cosmetic industry.

Keywords: Biochemical composition, brown algae, Iskenderun Bay


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