Finding of alien brown macroalgae Chorda tomentosa Lyngb. in the Ukrainian Black Sea coast

Galina Minicheva

Institute of Marine Biology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 37 Pushkinskaya St., Odessa 65011, UKRAINE


Brown algae Chorda tomentosa Lyngb. 1819, representative of order Laminariales Mig. 1909, was found in the north-western part of the Black Sea (Ukraine, Odessa Bay, Cape Bolshoi Fontan) in spring 2015. This is a new invasive species in the Black Sea ecosystem and the only representative of brown laminarian algae. Ecological activity of this species is 82.2±4.3 m2·kg-1, that corresponds to the nutrient level of the area where it was found.

Keywords: Chorda tomentosa, alien (biological invasion, non-indigenous species), Black Sea, Ukraine


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