The first finding of Sabella pavonina (Annelida: Sabellidae) in the Black Sea

Natalya Boltachova, Elena Lisitskaya, Nelli Sergeeva

Kovalevsky Institute of Marine Biological Research RAS, 2, Nakhimov avenue, Sevastopol, 299011, RUSSIA


Sabella pavonina Savigny, 1920 (Annelida, Sabellidae) was recorded for the first time in the pre-bosphoric region of the Black Sea in 2010. One specimen of this species was encountered among samples collected at 82 m depth during the cruise 15/1 of RV «Maria S. Merian» (Germany). The specimen found is morphologically similar to the deep-water populations of S. pavonina in the Mediterranean Sea.

Keywords: Polychaeta, Sabella pavonina, Black Sea

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