First record of Penaeus pulchricaudatus (Stebbing, 1914) and the establishment of P. aztecus (Ives, 1891) and P. hathor (Burkenroad, 1959) in Cretan waters, Greece

Thodoros Eystratios Kampouris, Ioannis Giovos, Nikolaos Doumpas, Aspasia Sterioti, Ioannis Efstratios Batjakas

Department of Marine Sciences, School of the Environment, University of the Aegean, 81100 Mytilene, Lesvos Island, GREECE
iSea, Environmental Organization for the Preservation of the Aquatic Ecosystems, 55438 Ag. Pavlos, Thessaloniki, GREECE
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Cretaquarium, 71003 Gournes Pediados, Heraklion Crete, GREECE


Citizen science has been proven to be a valuable tool in monitoring marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea contributing to the early detection and the monitoring of non-indigenous species (NIS) often by combining the use of social media and smartphone technology in data collection. In May 2016, iSea launched a relative project aiming to record the information on the occurrence, distribution and expansion of marine alien species in Greek and adjacent waters. The present paper describes the first report of the Lessepsian prawn Penaeus pulchricaudatus(Decapoda, Dendrobranchiata, Penaeidae) and provides strong evidence on the establishment of the alien prawns P. aztecus and P. hathor in Cretan waters based on the occurrences reported in the present study and on previous records.

Keywords: Penaeus pulchricaudatus, Penaeus aztecus, Penaeus hathor, decapoda, alien species, south Aegean Sea

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