Possible intrusion of Lagocephalus sceleratus (Gmelin, 1789) to the Turkish Black Sea coast

Murat Bilecenoğlu, Bayram Öztürk

Department of Biology, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Aydın Adnan Menderes University, 09010 Aydın, TURKEY
Department of Marine Biology, Faculty of Aquatic Sciences, İstanbul University, 34470 İstanbul, TURKEY
Turkish Marine Research Foundation, P.O. Box: 10, Beykoz, 34820, Istanbul, TURKEY


Capture of a single individual of Lagocephalus sceleratus from Türkeli shore (Sinop, Turkey) by an artisanal fisherman appeared in a local newspaper on December 2017, which represents the second occurrence record of the species from the Black Sea. Due to its highly invasive character, urgent and tangible measures (i.e. eradication) are needed to be taken both by Turkey and the neighboring countries.

Keywords: Lagocephalus sceleratus, Black Sea, lessepsian migration

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