Tools for a Mediterranean cooperation

Selmin Burak

Institute of Marine Sciences and Management, University of Istanbul, 34470 Vefa, Istanbul, TURKEY


Environmental degradation which is the global disease of our time threatens also the Mediterranean. Acute problems are faced due to population increase and migration resulting in a soaring volume of wastewater being discharged directly into the receiving waters. This fact undermines the economic activity through loss of the fishing and tourism industries in the Mediterranean countries. So far, observations have shown that inadequate management is a major contribution to the degradation of the Mediterranean. During the last decade it has been realized that there is a need for a common action and progress in regional cooperation started through conventions and declarations signed by countries facing similar problems. In various programs and in  the ‘Blue  Plan’ whose horizon year is 2025, it has been pointed out that there is a need for a more determined North-South solidarity, more attention should be paid to the environment by establishing and strengthening institutions, the economic and social development can only be achieved by protecting the natural environment. ln this framework, several programs aiming at remedial actions through cooperation in the basin were launched supported by international fonding agencies.

Keywords :Environmental degradation, Mediterranean cooperation, the Blue Plan, METAP, agency network

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