Marketing some aquaculture species in Turkey

Meral Soylu

Marmara University, Vocational School of Technical Studies, Aquatic Products Department, 81400, Göztepe, Istanbul, TURKEY


This study covers the marketing of fish such as trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, W.1792) salmon (Salmo salar Linnacus 1758) sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax Linnaeus 1758), sea bream (Sparus aurata, Linnacus 1758), and mirror carp (Cyprinus carpio, Linnaeus 1758) produced in Turkey. For this purpose enterprises of production are investigated in different inland places for trout and mirror carp, on the Black Sea coasts (from the western part to Hopa, in the east) for trout, salmon, sea bass and sea bream and also in Aegean and Mediterranean regions for sea bass and sea bream. Trout is marketed in various ways. Salmon is cultivated in only one enterprise, a small amount being sold to the domestic market and the rest exported. Sea bass and sea bream are marketed either as delivered to nearby notels and restaurants in small quantities or supplied to wholesale dealers in big lots. Three ways of marketing are also noted for mirror carp. The fish cultivated in the country are presented to the market as fresh, frozen, smoked or processed. Among the fish exported especially are trout, salmon, sea bass and sea bream. In the enterprises visited it is observed that the prices depended on the kind of fish and the period of fishing prohibitions and also arc generally lower than world prices. It is concluded that fish marketing in Turkey cannot be considered as sufficiently organized.

Keywords: Aquaculture, fish, marketing