Vol.8 – 2002 – No.1

Oil and detergent pollution on coastal areas of Dardanelles in 1996-1997
Kasim Cemal Güven, Rüstü Ilgar

An epizootiological study on Mothocya epimerica Costa, 1851 (Flabellifera: Cymothoidae) infestations in Sand Smelt, Atherina boyeri Risso, 1810 (Perciformes: Atherinidae) found in the Sinop Coasts of the Black Sea
Ahmet Özer

A comparative study on water column and bottom feeding habit of tank reared brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)
Ibrahim Okumus, Nadir Basçinar

Remote sensing of oil films on the sea surface
Gökhan Kara

The Black Sea one decade after the Bucharest Convention an overview of the international activities in the Black Sea Region
B. Gül Göktepe