First record Bellottia apoda Giglioli, 1883 (Bythitidae), from the Eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey

Deniz Ergüden, Cemal Turan, Deniz Yağlıoğlu, Mevlüt Gürlek

Fisheries Genetics Laboratory, Faculty of Fisheries, Mustafa Kemal University, 31220 Iskenderun, Hatay, TURKEY


One specimen of Bellottia apoda Giglioli, 1883 was caught by a bottom commercial trawler at a depth of 155 m on 28 October 2009. This is the first record of B. apoda in Turkish waters of Eastern Mediterranean. Morphometric and meristic characters of B. apoda caught are described.

KeywordsBellottia apoda, Bythitidae, Eastern Mediterranean Sea, first record

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